October 5, 2016 • IMDO - In My Digital Opinion

What’s on the Minds of CXO’s Investigating RPA & Intelligent Automation

Our new Cognirati video blog, created by IRPA founder Frank Casale, delivers a sneak peek into what CXOs are most concerned with when it comes to RPA & Intelligent Automation.  From getting clarity on industry jargon, figuring out where to started, deciding whether to make vs. buy, sorting out the pricing confusion and understanding where the real cost savings are, CXO’s are thinking hard and looking for answers.

4 Responses to " What’s on the Minds of CXO’s Investigating RPA & Intelligent Automation "

  1. Oliver Lindner says:

    Hi Frank, very good Video, with interesting information.
    I can follow these points and agree. But the “saving” point is more difficult in my point of view, for Industry areas with internal IT.

    When you will have savings?

    – terminate a contract with external supplier
    – quit people
    – “avoided costs” e.g. growht of company, without additional stuff

    But for the most companies there is a Long amortisation phase (if you pay per automated issue), because they won´t kill Jobs. Therefore fast savings most of the case, won´t happen.

    I think there is the need, to re-think the benefits of automation.

    1. We give people time, for value add activities (Digitalization, Service Quality, Innovation…)
    2. We accelerate Performance & Agility (Real time economy)
    3. We improve, ensure Service Quality
    4. We learn about AI based Systems (more competence and being prepared for the future)
    5. We use on a early stage the “Gold of the company”: Data & Knowledge/Crativity of our people
    6. last but not least – we save money.

    That would be my priorization of Benefits ;-o)


    • Goran Strangmark says:

      Why wouldn’t many companies kill jobs? Even if existing companies will not do it because of various built-in habits and cultural constraints, they will be wiped out by new competitors that do not have the need to maintain inefficient processes. Disruptive information technology always unleashes value that is trapped in inefficient processes. It will happen. One way or another.

  2. Charles says:

    What happen to your 40% loss of human body’s Or are they just numbers

  3. John Petronzi says:

    Frank – Informative and entertaining as always.

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