September 6, 2016 • IMDO - In My Digital Opinion

Welcome to the Founder’s Corner: Cognirati!

I’ve spent the last 30 years in the enterprise tech space, which includes hardware, software, services – PCs, Y2K, the internet boom, SAAS, outsourcing, cloud, and big data — wow, what a ride it has been! And like any good ride it’s been exhilarating and has occasionally messed with my equilibrium. All in all, this industry continues to be a very exciting place. This particular time holds even more promise. Never before have I felt that, “things are really about to change,” as I do now with the disruptive wave of intelligent automation, cognitive computing and artificial intelligence.

After 20 years of leading the Outsourcing Institute, I made the fastest career pivot one could make once I realized how significantly and profoundly the impact of this new tech would affect corporations, entire industries, and career categories, as well as economies and societies. Some may consider this to be an overly hyped topic, however, it is not, considering that if you are reading this, it is already impacting your world.

The purpose of this blog is to share my experience as well as the unique and fortunate vantage point that comes from being the Founder of IRPA, the largest global process automation/ AI ecosystem. IRPA helps ensure we’re all educated and aware of these global industry changes and what that means to us all. I’m a big believer in the network effect and the wisdom of the collective. Hopefully you will find my blog posts not only helpful, but interesting enough to spark a response from you. If I can pull this off, then this platform will deliver value for all of us.

Throughout history, during times of significant change, it’s clear that those who were plugged into the best networks were curious, questioning minds, people who were eager to discuss, learn and understand the implications of what the change meant and maximize the resulting benefits. A good network can deliver critical market intelligence one day, and boost your career the next.

The network is already in play, so get involved if you aren’t already. After all, even the best ride is no fun if you are on it by yourself.

4 Responses to " Welcome to the Founder’s Corner: Cognirati! "

  1. Vaughn Hovey says:

    Frank, best of success in your new initiative… Knowing you I’m sure you’ll provide tremendous value to this growing market as you surely did with OI’s leading and worthwhile information over the many years…

  2. John Craig says:

    Congratulations on the new blog and looking forward to Cognirati – well done!

  3. Bindu Bhatia says:

    Big YES to the power of network! Glad to see you taking this initiative. This industry (RPA to AI)is so dynamic so engaging with the like minded people is always a good strategy! Nice picture by the way!

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