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A Post AI France: Innovation Renaissance or Digital Dystopia?

The living room in my home is my favorite room in the entire house. I live in an old Tudor, built in 1926, with high beamed ceiling and a handcrafted fieldstone fireplace reminiscent of an era long gone. Just across from the antique Steinway, is a super cool butler pantry that houses my favorite wines and a humidor. Art, music, and culture – all great things that have stood the test of time, and in essence is what this room is all about.

About five years ago, in a brief lapse of judgment, I was tempted to install a flat screen TV in that living room. It was, after all, a great place to relax or entertain guests. So, why not add some slick new tech to take it to a new level.


It quickly became apparent that the last thing that I needed to hang on those walls, in between the oil paintings, was a 60-inch Sony TV.  This room was a refuge from technology – not a place to showcase it. The room was too sophisticated for that. Tech would not improve the Renaissance retreat. Instead, it would ruin it.

Which brings me to an AI-embracing France. When I first heard about this, I must admit, I was impressed. After all, AI is the future. It will change business, society and life as we know it. Nothing will ever be the same. But, therein lies the issue.
Does everything have to change?  Does everything have to be digitally transformed?

Maybe, like the living room in my home, there are certain places that we want or need to be above it all.  A place where wine, art, culture and joie de vivre are the norm. By embracing AI, does France leap into the future and become a global player in the emerging tech scene, or does France lose what has made it special for hundreds of years?  Is a post AI France a better France?

As I sit in my favorite room now, with crackling fireplace and a glass of red in hand, I listen to my daughter play Chopin on the piano. I smile knowing that I made the right decision.  I wonder if France will too.

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