June 14, 2017 • RPA/AI 101, Uncategorized

The Best Approach to Automation and Digital Transformation

Our London Outsourcing Automation Innovation Seminar Series (OAISS) event was quite a gathering. In this short video clip, from a London taxi, I share my biggest takeaway. There is a debate over which approach to automation and digital transformation is the wise approach. Top down as most of the advisors are confidently proposing, or grass roots as many of the practitioner were espousing. How do you weigh in?

Do you have questions, or are you seeking advice, about challenges that you’re facing in regards to your automation and digital transformation journey? I’d be happy to help. To schedule a 30-minute 1-on-1 founder briefing call, email [email protected].

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May 4, 2017 • Trends

The Second Wave: RPA Lessons Learned – Part 2

In part two of the expert panel discussion in NYC, the former CTO of CompuCom, Unisys and CSC, explores the dangers of random acts of automation. Additionally, top industry experts engage in an open discussion about the best practices and lessons learned in RPA and intelligent automation, based on successes and failures of the the first wave of early adopters.

Moderator – IRPA AI Founder Frank Casale

Panelists – Sam Gross former CTO Compucom, Kevin Kroen Partner PWC, and Chris Surdak Senior Advisor IRPA AI & Author.

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