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September 6, 2016 • Service Provider, Trends

Change Fast

To be a Next Gen Outsourcer, You’d better Have a Digitally-Fueled Service Offering (And You’d Better Have it Now)

Last year in an article entitled “Brace for Impact” I urged service providers to make a critical pivot from the traditional labor arbitrage-centric delivery models to an automation-centric model. In essence, more technology and less people. Why? In a nutshell, because this is what your competitors are doing and where the market is going. If you want to stay in the game you’ll need to embrace and invest in advanced automation. Since then, many in the service provider community have researched automation, some are dabbling in it, many have initiated the transformation to digital labor, but most of you still aren’t there yet. I am sounding the alarm. It’s no longer just about change, it’s about changing quickly. You need to get there now.
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