January 25, 2017 • IMDO - In My Digital Opinion

2017 and Automation: My Predictions

Well, just when you thought that all 2017 predictions were behind you, here I am with the ones that will likely have the most impact on your industry, your company, and your career:

  1. RPA shifts from holy grail to digital gateway drug. Strategic discussions shift to the AI-enabled enterprise.
  2. Lack of RPA and related talent becomes a significant challenge as demand greatly outweighs supply.
  3. People and politics impede progress, acceptance, and ability to scale benefits.
  4. More enterprises opt for intelligent automation platforms instead of acquiring and integrating individual software.  Faster time to market, lower risk, lower cost.
  5. One more major outsourcing service provider stumbles and gets acquired due to its inability to make the pivot.
  6. Robotics collide with politics.  The current administration initially sees this trend as dangerous, and then sees it as fuel for the protectionism master plan.
  7. Increased acceptance and awareness fuels societal anxiety. Anticipate a movement.
  8. “Chat bot” becomes the most overused and annoying phrase of 2017 and the #1 reason people yearn for 2018.

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